Politics (Election view in Anambra State November 6, 2021)

Eastern Region Stability
November 5 2021
The recent events in Igbo land or better South East set a fire question the value Ibos put on their people and the value they put on their personal money making and fame.
The affront word to an Ibo that Igbo person (Ga- ere Nwanneya maka ego, na onodu Ikike) lately seen not to be an insult word anymore but a mere fact.
The marginalization of the South East since the 2 pound give to average Ibos after the war to go and state life, knowing that (2 British) pound that has lesser value to Nigerian naira will do nothing but keep Ibos as perpetual beggars to the Nigerian Government then. That begging did not happen, but the ibos use that two pound to become Ibeto group, Ifesinachi motors, Ekene Nid UWa,Young shall grow motos E-ekeson, Innocen motors and host of other different type of business investment that become the hub of Nigeria individual financier achievement. The word Nwanne, was the genuine, the word Onye Igbo was meaningful with deeper attachment of unadulterated love support to each other within.
When the tempo normalizes, and Ibos bounced back. What happened to those unadulterated love that bonded the people of Igbos together as one team one fight? Just as the Black America that was together in one spirit during the height of cruel injustice of slave trade, but when the slave injustice lowered, the new generation completely forget where their great grand -father their grand -fathers has suffered and where they actually came from and now they hate and bring each other down to gain favor from the same white people that subjected them to abject poverty, cruelty and treated them worst that they treated wide animals.
Does that mean that the present Igbos has forgotten the unity that ushered them out from the effect of Kwashiorkor they were deliberately set in by the same people they are now serving shamelessly because of money and position. Those monies you really do not need them.
The quality of a leader is to think and put into action the things that will give good, good life, comfort, and happiness tot those they are leading.
Rulers are not actually a leader. A leader is a man or woman who desperately want to improve his or her people life without thinking of his or her own comfort. A leader can go hungry for the people he or she is leading to eat. A leader can go to prison for his people to have good life like the late leader in South Africa, Nelson Mandela. A leader make name for his good work.
Igbos has gone through subjection to poverty and came out of it triumphantly because of their inherited ability and the unity they had supporting each other genuinely.
The governorship and government in the Igbo land and South East has gone far away from that thin that make them one. They have distanced themselves just black American distanced themselves to the unity those who fought and died for them to have a better live, and when the better life comes in, they turned back to Egypt their place of misery.
Where are the igbo leaders like Sam Onunaka Mbakwe, a leader who genuinely care for his people. He did not go to office just to own or to steal the property of Imo state. He is the leader I have seen in IMO STATE since Biafra-Nigeria/British war 1967-170 that wiped out millions of Ibos in a deliberate starvation established by Nigerian leaders then. Sam Mbakwe was a true leader of his people and desire an Igbo Merit award.
Recently closer to Sam- Mbakwe is the former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi. This governor inherited Anambra State at the time it was badly managed and top revive the state, to like a dripping oil but her was on the right track to elevate Anambra state to an enviable Standard.
Now, another election is set in Anambra. It is facing a security challenge from the IPOD who is fighting to remove or to end the South east from the long time marginalization. How the election will hold is unknown because the Nigeria government has to deploy police army in all part of the state for the period. But the point here is not weather election will hold, how genuine it will be, but the point here is when will Anambra see a leader that a ruler?
A leader does not steal from the people he wants to provider for. A leader is not a person that want to use the public fund for his personal after government need or for his crony and click, sharing the public fund in any tiny means of embezzlement.
A LEADER do not kill, or tannish the emerge of people just to get to power, a leader is a very honest person. A leader does not sell the people he or she want to lead just to satisfy personal interest and personal achievement.
A leader gives even his own food to the people he is leading to make them comfortable. A leader is not expecting to be worshiped by those he is leading, but he serves them to prover he is honest and have their interest.
If Igbo ruler in the name of leaders has been genuine, all the street on the south east should be better than the street of New York or France. It does not take much to put better hospital, and put genuine electricity and control erosion. But because we never have name of governors and senator leaders, we all have gamblers in the name of governors, we have people that will kill you because you said the truth as our leaders. How can leader killing theirs they want to lead? Sending killers to take their life of the people you want to lead because someone questioned your action. Explain it instead of taking life away. That is not in any way a quality of a leader. If we can state today to have genuine leader who want to improve the life of their people instead of his pocket and the pocket of his people, south east, ANAMBRA THAT USE TO BE ONE ON THE PEACEFUL STATE IN WILL BE BETTER THAT EDINBUG. Ii is simple to change the life of your people from suffering to laughter. Just be a leader not a staler. Using a massive security and siren look like the fear of your people you have offended. Think wise, act better an to move Anambra state forward to show case that Igbo can set up a decent society beside grabbing money and show. We can prove point of our intellectual, because democracy was already in ancient Igbo kingdom for many years before the European came to Africa and think of creating the country with the name Nigeria. Whoever wins who ever take the mantle. We are you to be a leader. Anambra is not your private business, and to be in power is not a must or do or die if you genuinely have intention to serve than to steal.


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