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November 24, 2023

While some online schools may offer financial aid packages that include refund checks and laptops, the availability of such programs can vary from school to school. It’s essential to research and directly contact the schools you’re interested in to inquire about their specific financial aid options. Keep in mind that the availability and terms of these programs may change over time. Here are a few online schools that have been known to offer such benefits in the past, but it’s crucial to verify their current offerings:

  1. Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU): SNHU has a reputation for providing students with laptops and grant programs that can help cover the cost of tuition, making education more accessible.
  2. Western Governors University (WGU): WGU offers a laptop to incoming students, which is included in the cost of tuition. They also have a variety of scholarships and financial aid options available.
  3. Ashford University: In the past, Ashford University has provided students with a laptop as part of their educational programs. They have also offered various financial aid options.
  4. Grand Canyon University (GCU): GCU may offer students a laptop as part of their educational package. They have different types of scholarships and financial aid options available as well.
  5. Liberty University: Liberty University may provide students with a laptop, and they have various financial aid and scholarship opportunities to help students with their educational expenses.

Please note that the availability and terms of these programs may change, and there may be other institutions that offer similar benefits. I recommend visiting the websites of these schools or contacting their admissions or financial aid offices to get the most up-to-date information on their offerings. Additionally, be sure to carefully review the specific requirements and conditions for receiving laptops and refund checks at each institution

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