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September 23, 2023

From the origin of the first world first community comes the hierarchy of leadership. The Ibos are one of the people on earth that kept that unique ancient system live and vibrant till date. The important of this tradition can be seen in all local villages and clan in todays IBO domain.

As one people they all carry the same the hierarchy where ever they go in all parts of the world. this way they keep orderliness and  what people of this days later called democracy but in a different style used in Ibo meeting in every place.


Seen here is the coronation of Such title, The Igwe, The OBI, The EZE. and many other name it is called depending on what one locality chooses to call theirs according to they first establishment, but they all signify one thing, the head or leader.

It is this title that actually give IBO the uniqueness and different from other cultural activities around the globe.

Come here weekly are we introduce to you titled men and women, leaders of various traditional settlement weekly.

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