Monarchy King Igbo

Monarchy King Igbo

Red Hat is a symbol of leadership and kingship in Ibo land. during coronation ceremony a red hat is placed on the head of a new leader by the most cultural leader around or the most elderly person around.

Placing of Hat on the bearers head in the presence of public means that the public collectively has authorized the bearer to hold vital post of leadership.

To get the real and original hat placed on your head is obtained only through merit. Money and fame can not buy the real Ibo title if it is don properly.

One vital secret about the red hat in IBO land, the land of Umuibe is that anybody to whom the red hat is placed upon his head will never ever tell or associate with any lie or knowingly make untrue statement.

That is why it is said in Umuibe that ( NZE KWUE OKWU  IKPE EBIE, NZE ADI ATU ASI) Nze  means a title person whom a red hat has been placed on his head. They will never ever tell lies after the coronation or placing a red hat on them as long as they live. When they make statement in a case, consider the case ended with true statement and declaration. That is who we are that is Umuibe chieftaincy title hold position.


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  1. That good leadership used to be the symbol of Igbo people because the noble character of leader then used to spilled down to the populace and the society at large. What of now this days this time?

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