Young Igbo King

Easter of Nigeria, Ibo Land This new king is a ten year old boy who took the place of his father, Igwe Akuebisi the Plane one of Iyiora Anam who was the king of the kingdom.
November 5th A new king has emerged in the kingdom of Iyiora, Anambra State
According to a Facebook group known as Igbo Bu Igbo TV , the ten year old boy is considered the youngest king in Igbo land, he was crowned the Igwe Olanma 2 Of Iyiora Anam.
As the news surfaced online many people congratulated the new king and hailed him, many asked God for wisdom upon his head to rule his people well.
And he will be guided by his elders and council members besides in this modern world, wisdom has nothing to do with age, age is just a number.
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