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November 29, 2023
igbo community

Igbo people. (Igwe bu ike). You can also call us Ibo or Ibos. We are unique people in the east west Sahara of Africa. People in this universe are yet to realize the important role this natural  talented people play to human integration and development.

One uniqueness of the Igbos is that they mingle to all part of habitable and uninhabitable world, linking people from different race together. Promoting what the world later called globalization which imbedded in their natural heritage as people.

Here at  as an  Ibos medium created to link , to reconnect, to their scattered fellows in all part of the globe. A house of many people traveled to many global location, here we become many people still connected with a house. With this presentation we the Umuibe is happy to show in a little way, but big way who we are, where we have gone to, that above all our heritage and cultural export, we still retain in us anywhere we go who we are, that we still remember and will never forget who we are in this imbedded work. We are  still the Igbos, we are  the umuibes.

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